Special Event

Debate : We Are Living In A Nanny State

NCPA - Tata Theatre November 16, 2017 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Makarand Paranjape
Shashi Tharoor
Chandan Mitra
Sunil Kumar Alagh
Vir Sanghvi

What `s a ‘Nanny State’? When the government tells you what to eat, drink, dress and think, just like a nanny does when looking after children. Are we in India already there? Or is the government working to clean up society? Shashi Tharoor; Paranjape who is a professor at JNU; Mitra, Editor of ‘The Pioneer’ and Alagh, former CEO of Britannia, debate the question. Expect fireworks of the intellectual kind.

For the motion: Makarand Paranjape and Shashi Tharoor

Against the motion: Chandan Mitra and Sunil Kumar Alagh.
Chair : Vir Sanghvi